Ifa y Xango

Ifa y Xango is a contemporary jazz ensemble based in Brussels and Antwerp. The name refers to two dualities in afro-latino religion. Ifa represents traditional knowledge and wisdom while Xango refers to fire, dance and passion. These two sides of the same coin are represented in their music as well. .

Ifa y Xango’s original compositions are often interpolated with heavily improvised parts. Composed parts from the different instruments get moved around the ensemble to ensure a unique performance every time Ifa y Xango gathers. The ensemble’s music is typified by orchestral soundscape explorations, rhythmic complex structures and collectively improvised passages

Viktor Perdieus (tenorsaxofoon), Filipe Nadar (altsaxofoon), Niels Van Heertum (Euphonium), Seppe Gebruers (piano), Laurens Smet (contrabas), Ruben Pensaers (drums & percussie), Sep François (percussie)