Gabi Hartmann

  • Main Stage
    Wednesday 17•July•2024

Gabi Hartmann’s life story got under way in Paris. Growing up in a house filled with music (chansons, rock, world music, jazz, etc.) inspired the young Hartmann to take up the piano, even though she switched to her brother’s guitar as her instrument of choice in order to find her own voice. This search led her to discover the likes of Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday but equally artists such as Lhasa de Sela as well as African music. Whilst living in Rio de Janeiro for two years, she also added Latin-American influences to her frame of reference. After Rio, she relocated to New York where she met singer-songwriter and guitarist Jesse Harris, who had worked with Norah Jones and Melody Gardot to name just two.


The duo decided to join forces to work on Hartmann’s debut album, dividing their time between New York and Paris, working up ideas and turning them into songs. Some of these songs conjure up the vibe of a speakeasy jazz bar, whereas other songs make you feel as though you are on a tropical beach at sunset. Hartmann is every bit as much a Paris jazz singer dressed in black as she is a bossa nova diva. Her songs are personal tales but they also say something about how she views the world and its problems as a young twenty-something. In the meantime, she has been out on tour with Jamie Cullum and Melody Gardot and become a stalwart of the Paris jazz scene. Now’s as good a time as any to discover and embrace this new voice.