• Main Stage
    Saturday 13•July•2024

Iniko is a mysterious newcomer to the soul scene. The New York-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist is emerging as a leader of an alternative soul revolution. Iniko blends influences from rap, film music, dancehall and soul and finds inspiration in almost every situation. On social media... where they have millions of followers... the music creates quite a sensation. Just look at hits such as 'Jericho’, an ode to individuality and a call to demolish the binary walls in society, and 'King’s Affirmation’ which has provided Iniko with three million streams on Spotify alone.

Iniko is steadfastly pushing the revolution, song after song, and aims to use music as a mirror for themselves and the rest of the world. Or maybe the rest of the universe because Iniko seems to be from another planet, where there are more possibilities than down here on Earth... In the new work due out in 2024, Iniko translates that search for a place in the universe and the encounters that have taken place along the way. Well, we did say they were mysterious!