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Jon Muq

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 8•July•2023


Some stories are every bit as unbelievable as they are heartwarming. The story of Ugandan Jon Muq definitely fits into this category. Muq grew up in the impoverished outskirts of Kampala. From an early age on, he clearly showed signs of artistic talent. On his daily walk to school, he started noticing a man playing the guitar - a rare sight in a country like Uganda. He soon discovered the instrument felt like a calling, which led to Muq hanging around this guitar player every day to try and pick up a few things. He soon started writing his own songs as if he had been born to do so. Drawing inspiration from dreams, his own everyday life and the lives of others. A friend of his posted a video of Muq on Facebook and only a few weeks later, he was the house artist on a cruise boat.

In 2018, when he was 24, the Ugandan decided to set his aims higher, fully intent on moving up to the next level. He had read somewhere that SXSW - the main showcase festival in the world, held in Austin, Texas - could be just the thing for budding musicians. He felt that it was his calling, that he had to go there. Muq travelled out to the States. A show of confidence which proved to be well justified, as Muq never left Austin. He is now working there as a musician, producer and songwriter. And he is making quite a name for himself, playing all over America and currently in the process of recording his debut album with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). The first official single is set to be released this summer. Gent Jazz visitors will have every opportunity to get acquainted with this unique musician and his soulful pop music.