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Julian Lage Trio

  • Main Stage
    Friday 14•July•2023


Mulit-day pass for Branford Marsalis Quartet (14.07) and Herbie Hancock (15.07)
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What is the craziest student job you’ve ever worked? It’s unlikely to top the one Julian Lage found himself doing. At age fifteen, he was hired as a guitar instructor at Stanford University’s jazz department. Crazy, right? Well things get even crazier: when he was just twelve (!), Lage was invited to play at the Grammy’s. The word 'prodigy’ was invented for artists like Julian. Now aged thirty-five, he is a two-times Grammy nominee, he has been acting as the sparring partner of avant-gardist John Zorn since 2018 and he hits the studio from time to time with fellow wonder guitarist Nels Cline (Wilco), to name just one.

As a band leader / soloist he has already put out eight albums. Something which he has been doing so on the prestigious Blue Note label since 2021. His first release on the legendary jazz label was 'Squint’, on which he played with bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King. Last year witnessed the birth of 'View With A Room’, a record that builds on the brilliant synergy of the trio but where the addition of guitar icon Bill Frisell resulted in an inimitable widening of what is already the expansive sound created by the trio. As was already the case on his previous albums, Lage’s wife - Margaret Glaspy - twiddled the knobs. Her unique insights as a singer-songwriter help build the storytelling as a palpable presence in instrumental music. The result is a gorgeous collection of intimate yet panoramic compositions. In 2023, Lage put out 'The Layers’, an EP that hones in on the quest for what would ultimately become the sound of 'View With A Room’, something of a 'behind the scenes’ recording as it were. Definitely worth a spin in preparation for his appearance at Gent Jazz!