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Ludovico Einaudi

  • Main Stage
    Sunday 9•July•2023


  • Main Stage
    Monday 10•July•2023


Ludovico Einaudi is so universally present and well-known that it is difficult to imagine that he too comes from somewhere in particular. After his studies, the Italian pianist and composer went to work for some time with the celebrated contemporary composers Luciano Berio and Karlheinz Stockhausen For a moment, it seemed as if his path was mapped out towards music theatre and opera - a path he also walked in the eighties. At the end of that decade, however, he was being asked to write film music, putting the Italian firmly on the path towards worldwide fame. Meanwhile - we are in the mid-1990s - his solo work - minimalist piano compositions, sometimes complemented by some other instruments but always equally soothing and involving - was finding its way to a larger audience.

During the beginning of the new century, Einaudi burst onto the scene with 'Una Mattina’ and 'Divenire’. Both albums found their way to the top of the classical music charts and the general charts. Not that it was not good for Einaudi’s career, but from then on it was a roller-coaster that the average pop star can only dream of; with soundtracks for Oscar-winning films, solo albums that reached millions of people and sold-out world tours in ever-expanding venues and arenas. The effectiveness of his minimalist approach was remarkable; with a few notes, combined with some overlapping themes, the Italian draws every listener into his world. There is a lot of nature in that world; Einaudi is not only vociferous about the effects of climate change, he also regularly draws to the countryside in various places in the world to get inspiration for his music. About his most recent solo album 'Underwater’ - written during successive lockdowns - the Italian says that it is a direct confrontation with the piano, free from distractions and fluid - as if you are completely under water”. Be ready to be completely immersed at Gent Jazz.