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Marcus Miller

  • Main Stage
    Friday 7•July•2023


"Marcus has such concentration in the studio, man, it’s scary!” These were the words of Miles Davis, one of the world’s biggest ever jazz artists. The Marcus in question? Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, arranger, songwriter and - perhaps more than anything else - legendary bassist Marcus Miller. His first feat came when he was just sixteen. Nearly fifty years and over 600 records later he is associated with in one capacity or another, Marcus is widely considered to be one of the greats, one of only a small handful of living legends. He is the reason why Miles’ Tutu sounds the way it sounds. He is the main composer of Luther Vandross’ biggest hits. And he was invited by the likes of Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Bill Withers, Jean-Michel Jarre, Wayne Shorter and Beyoncé - the list goes on and on - to play bass for them. As if this list of achievements is not enough, he also found the time to release fifty solo records, compose a whole raft of movie scores and bag himself two - he should have had more - Grammy awards along the way.

Marcus Miller is a force of nature, a musical genius with a stop-at-nothing work ethic and unbridled sense of creativity. But more than anything else, he is also a musician who enjoys being on stage, who believes in the power of (live) music and who wants to give people a good night out. The way he does so is by delivering a blend of jazz, funk, rock and R&B. Nothing but great ingredients that are certain to result in a spectacular gig!


Marcus Miller - Bass
Anwar Marshall - Drums
Donald Hayes - Sax
Xavier Gordon - Keys
Russell Gunn - Trumpet