Rodrigo Y Gabriela

  • Main Stage
    Sunday 14•July•2024

Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela needs no introduction. They have been playing together for more than twenty years, won a Grammy for 'Best Contemporary Instrumental Album’ in 2020, count none other than Barack Obama as a fan and have toured the world playing the biggest stages (Glastonbury! Werchter! Sydney Opera House! Hollywood Bowl!) with their enthralling mash-up of flamenco, rock and jazz. But even after all the success that has come their way, and eight acclaimed albums in, they are continuing to challenge themselves. The latest evidence of this creative energy comes in the shape of 'In Between Thoughts… A New World’, which was released last year and sees them add to their identifiable flamenco guitar playing with electric guitar and orchestral passages. An ambitious album which perfectly demonstrates the duo’s zeal and passion.


The kind of zeal and passion that has stood them in good stead throughout their career. The duo met at a young age and gelled right away over their shared love of flamenco, classic rock and… heavy metal. Living in Mexico, they started their own heavy metal band in the mid-1990s, which sadly proved short-lived. After this idea crumbled, the duo relocated to Dublin where they spent no less than eight years surviving as street musicians. Dublin was also where they became friends with people like Damien Rice who took them under his wings. Their fame grew steadily - their second, self-titled album from 2006 entered the Irish charts at number one, leaving Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash in its wake. By the late noughties, the duo’s fame had spread around the world. Their perseverance paid off. Yet they never for one second rested on their laurels nor is this something they ever plan on doing. We are keen to find out how 'In Between Thoughts… A New World’ will sound on the live stage at Gent Jazz 2024!