The Bony King of Nowhere

  • Main Stage
    Wednesday 10•July•2024

Ghent singer-songwriter Bram Vanparys has been behind The Bony King of Nowhere since 2009. Although he always managed to reach an audience with his music, 2018's 'Silent Days’ was a turning point in the Belpop pathway. The album - proving that there is beauty in heartbreak - was showered with superlatives and packed concert halls. It revealed the full potential of Vanparys as an artist. Artistic evolution and the desire to create are crucial in the world of The Bony King, like his major influences Nick Cave, Mark Hollis and primarily PJ Harvey. Each of these artists translates an urgent 'nowness’ in their own lives into collections of songs. No two records sound the same, no album is premature.


Five years passed between 'Silent Days’ and the new 'Everybody Knows’. Vanparys felt blocked and had serious doubts about whether he still had anything to say. The need to rediscover himself after the success of 'Silent Days’ was more pressing than ever but the road to a new sound was long and, at times, debilitating. But look, Vanparys shed his skin and evolved all over again. With more details, greater diversity. He touches on social themes, that might feel a little uncomfortable, without preaching. He dissects our modern lives and comes up with a lonely picture. Nevertheless, the album is certainly not nostalgic or miserable. On the contrary, in fact, as The Bony King always sees hope through the cracks...