• Garden Stage
    Monday 10•July•2023
  • Garden Stage
    Sunday 9•July•2023

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Ão at Gent Jazz

Ão. What’s in a name? Depending on how it is pronounced, this Portuguese word means something painful, something beautiful or something sad. It is also used to express wonderment, even though it could just as well be complete gibberish. Apart from the latter 'meaning’, it is a wonderful description of all emotions young quartet Ão stir up with their blend of indie, flamenco, fado and subtle electronic music, which conjures up the more fragile songs from Rosalìa or the ageless music of Madredeus one moment, before moving towards the ambient sounds of James Blake, the compelling music of Arooj Aftab (also on the bill) and even the experimental tones of FKA Twigs.

A key element in their sound are the gorgeous vocals of front woman Brenda Corijn. She draws from her Mozambican-Portuguese roots for the Portuguese and English lyrics which she sings with seemingly effortless ease while delivering maximum impact. Her voice is a match made in heaven with the southern guitar sounds of Siebe Chau. Producer Jolan Decaestecker sprinkles a layer of ambient on top, packed with subtle effects and minimalist sculptings, with percussionist Bert Peyffers alternately assuming lead as well as backing roles, consistently delivering added value. In 2022, they won SoundTrack in Flemish Brabant, their single 'Mulher’ was picked up as far afield as Seattle and they played a live show at Het Depot that prompted many to exclaim "Ão”. As an expression of wonderment, that is. Be sure to come and check out for yourself which of the many meanings 'Ão’ elicits in you.