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BJO invites Aka Moon

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 15•July•2023

In 2022, Aka Moon, the jazz trio which comprises saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou and drummer Stéphane Galland, can celebrate its thirtieth birthday. Their unique sound, which fuses jazz, rock and influences drawn from world music into an inimitable avant-garde blend, is showing no signs of ageing. The same can also be said for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. They are celebrating their thirtieth birthday this year too and have also reached a high-point in their career. The ideal opportunity for both bands, who have enjoyed an impressive run both at home and abroad, to unite for the first time.


Aka Moon and the Brussels Jazz Orchestra have been part of the (inter)national jazz landscape for decades but have never joined forces before now. Over the years, they have both developed a strong identity along with a unique musical idiom. Their musical worlds may, at first sight, seem poles apart but this surprising and inspiring collaboration will undoubtedly create new musical common ground. Aka Moon is known for its unrivalled freedom while the dynamic of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra departs from an orchestrated approach that is rooted in the jazz tradition. A combination which challenges both bands to venture into uncharted territory and maintain an active imagination. Fireworks guaranteed!