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Herbie Hancock

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 15•July•2023


Mulit-day pass for Branford Marsalis Quartet (14.07) and Herbie Hancock (15.07)
Click here for info on a multi-day pass for the days of Branford Marsalis Quartet/ Lakecia Benjamin/ Julian Lage Trio/ Lara Rosseel (14.07) and Herbie Hancock (15.07).

Although Gent Jazz has no shortage of legendary artists this year, closing act Herbie Hancock is perhaps the most legendary of them all. The pianist / composer / producer has been playing for more than sixty years; he earned his stripes with Miles Davis in the 1960s, went solo in the 1970s, introduced fusion jazz to the general public with his timeless album 'Head Hunters’ - you undoubtedly know 'Watermelon Man’, wrote a breakdance anthem with 'Rockit’ in the eighties, inspired rappers in the 1990s, experimented with electronic sub-genres in combination with jazz in the 2000s, was appointed professor of music in the second decade of this millennium and played at Glastonbury in the 2020s. Oh, he also racked up fourteen Grammy Awards and an Oscar along the way.

The list of artists with whom Hancock has worked - either as a guest musician, as a producer or as a songwriter - is truly endless and transcends all genre boundaries. It is symbolic of his career because, although he was seen as a revolutionary musician during his time with Miles Davis, Hancock would prove with every new album, every new project, that there is more than meets the eye. Herbie Hancock is the living proof that good music can touch everyone and bring everyone together, that creativity does not have to be limited by a genre and that the genius of an individual can fuel the talent of others. Gent Jazz 2023 couldn’t close on a better note than with Herbie Hancock.