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Norah Jones

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 8•July•2023


Six years since her last appearance at the Bijloke, Norah Jones is marking her third return to regale Gent Jazz’s audience in 2023 in her warm, friendly universe where jazz, pop, folk and country converge in divine fashion. Even though the American artist is welcome at any time, this time around she has an additional reason to play the festival: 'Come Away With Me’, or her moody little record as she puts it herself, first came out twenty years ago. The understated gem not only launched Jones’ career, it also cemented her reputation as a singer and musician of timeless grace and elegance.

The overwhelming reception her debut album received might have caused other artists to go off the rails, but the then twenty-three year old Jones stood her ground, stuck to her guns and in her subsequent solo albums - which included milestones 'Feels Like Home’ (2004) and 'Not Too Late’ (2007), the raw indie-driven 'Little Broken Hearts’ (2012) and her latest 'Pick Me Up Off The Floor’ (2020) - delivered proof that the world fame that came her way was and continues to remain more than warranted. In addition, the American songwriter managed to bowl over the world with intriguing side projects (The Little Willies! Puss N Boots!) and (un)expected collaborations with a range of diverse names such as Foo Fighters, Willie Nelson, Outkast and Herbie Hancock. All of which highlights the essence of Norah Jones’ musical vision, which is all about 'connection’, connecting with other musicians and every bit as much with her fans. 

With over fifty million albums sold, six billion streams and nine Grammy awards to her name, the 'warmest jazz voice since Billie Holiday’ - a straight quote from Billboard - continues to showcase the one thing she is incredibly good at: bringing people together and touching hearts with her genuine personality and music. Norah Jones has everything it takes to turn her appearance at the Gent Jazz Festival into a highly memorable evening.