• Garden Stage
    Thursday 6•July•2023


What do you get if you combine three top Belgian musicians for a one-off jam? Yes, a new trio in the Belgian jazz departement. SPOOK is drummer Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, MDCIII), double-bass player Nicolas Rombouts (Ottla, Dez Mona) and guitarist Filip Wauters (the Whodads, BackBack). The latter also takes his steel pedal out from under the covers for the occasion - and that is not an insignificant given, because it is the unique sound of that instrument that also gives SPOOK Americana and country vibes on top of the jazz and progrock - Segers’ grooves are incredible.

Flirting with the boundary between improvisation and composition, the three seasoned musicians create a cinematic trip with their broad, sometimes almost hypnotic music, where besides jazz, prog and Americana, some psychedelics appear from time to time, emanating a seduction that is both threatening and enigmatic. The trio themselves describe their unique mix as 'free country’ or 'post western’. What they mean by that is to be discovered live at Gent Jazz. For those who want to do some homework in advance - highly recommended because very enjoyable - listen to their self-titled debut album that came out last year released by W.E.R.F.!