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Stadt at Gent Jazz

Once upon a time, they were 'Ghent’s best kept secret’. However, ten years and four successful albums later - 'Meerstadt’ was released in March of this year - the miracle would be not to have come across Stadt. In the event you are unfamiliar with them regardless: Stadt is singer-keyboarder Fulco Ottervanger (Beraadgeslagen), guitarist Frederik Segers, bassist Joris Cool and drummer Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, Sylvie Kreusch, MDCIII), four creative geniuses that cruise the roundabout that links fanning-out krautrock, poppy psychedelia and fresh fusion. In a nutshell - and in their own words: 'krautpop'.

From 'Kind of Diversion’ (2013) forward, which served krautrock with a whiff of psychedelia, it was instantly clear that Stadt had found their own unique sound. Their second album 'Escalators’ (2015) confirmed the impression made by their debut and was very well received by the public and the press alike. "Taste the tannin of psychedelia, kraut and progrock, and a dash of postpunk. The deeper the Stadttrap rolls, the more impetuous they rage," Knack Focus commented at the time. Four years later, successor 'There Is / Nothing Twice’ came out. Now, we have 'Meerstadt’, an album on which improvisations are given the time and space to wax into groovy songs packed with melody and character. Between albums, the band members enjoy dipping their toes in other projects, even though they always get back together in the mother ship that is Stadt. With new experiences, know-how and ideas, ready to tumble down the Stadttrap head first.