• Main Stage
    Tuesday 11•July•2023


Zaz is coming back with her fifth album in autumn 2021. The first four having resulted in her going on three world tours, it was time for her to take a breather. 

This is therefore, an album that she put together during the 2020 Spring lockdown. A forced but welcomed solitude. An album painted with heartfelt emotions, like a series of pictures. For this new album, Zaz worked with the Dutch producer REYN (Vanessa Paradis, Stephan Eicher, Benjamin Biolay, Gaëtan Roussel, ...) with whom she’s taken the time to apply a particular colour to each song on the album, with a voice that needs no introduction, as lively as it is moving, and always with the right tone. Lyrics that speak directly, that are both personal and intimate for this accomplished artist.

Zaz is preparing her next tour in the same spirit, revisiting the world and its most exclusive concert halls. Performances on a human scale and close to the public. A return to what’s essential. A world tour naturally called: ORGANIQUE TOUR.

The audiences will once again be able to visit the artist’s unique personality and world, discover new facets of her art, as well as all her magic spells, and fall in love again with her greatest hits: Je veux, On ira, Éblouie par la nuit, Que vendra ... and her latest hit "Imagine”. 

A rare, energetic show, positive and generous, that makes us smile, brings us "de la joie et de la bonne humeur", and reminds us that with Zaz, we should always see the world through rose-colored spectacles.

This new world tour will be another opportunity for Zaz and the public to cross paths with the NGOs that she’s partnered with via Zazimut, her network of associations, thus adding a splash of green to "la vie en rose”.

After all, isn’t Zaz - whose real name is Isa - a lady of bright colours?