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Adi Oasis

  • Main Stage
    Wednesday 5•July•2023

The smoothness of soul, the contrarian element of jazz, the groove of R&B and a fearless approach - picked up from Prince. Mix it all up and you end up with French-Caribbean singer and producer Adi Oasis. She embarked on her musical path as a teenager, working as a background vocalist. In between gigs, she immersed herself in guitar to enable her to write her own songs. But things did not really click until she came across the bass guitar. The sound, the sensation… Adi became instantly smitten with the instrument. Sometime during this loved up stage, the artist also decided to leave Paris and move home to New York. Where she soon came to the notice of Cee Lo Green who took her out on tour.

The young artist - who still went by the name of Adeline at the time - has since continued to develop her skills, serving proof through her own productions of her ability to build  intriguing songs around the warm, deep bass sounds of her favourite instrument. Another major strength of Adi’s is her voice. Soft and expressive as it is, it is the perfect accompaniment to her bass playing. On her latest album 'Lotus Glow’, she uses her delightful voice to wrap personal - and, as a female immigrant of colour, inextricably linked political - topics in a sweet coating. With a very summery and danceable vibe, in spite of the themes it touches on, the album also features a lot of talented musicians she previously worked with, such as Jamila Woods, Aaron Taylor and KIRBY. With or without, Adi is able to rely on the support of critics, especially when it comes to her live shows. Do not trust the opinions of the likes of Rolling Stone, Line or Best Fit. Come and see her at Gent Jazz and make up your own mind. We are confident she will not disappoint.


  • Adi Oasis: vox, bass
  • Ben Hoffman: keys
  • Andrew McLean: drums