• Garden Stage
    Friday 19•July•2024

Belgium-Japanese electro-pop duo Aili Maruyama and Orson Wouters formed a unique connection after meeting at a party in 2019. Their diverse personalities and musical approaches inspired them to explore new ideas. Opting for spontaneity, they started studio sessions without preset ideas, bouncing sounds and jokes off each other until words naturally emerged. Aili's surprising inclination to sing more in Japanese, a unique version developed with her father, added a personal touch. Their 2021 Dansu EP on Eskimo Recordings, with its blend of underground electronic sounds and sparkling pop, became an instant hit, earning them nominations and praise.

The band solidified their presence in Belgium with new singles, a quirky food-draped video, and recognition on influential radio stations. Successful live shows across Europe, including appearances on Belgian TV drama Roomies, showcased their energy. Invited to Japan in 2022, they played at the Inspire Tokyo Festival, eventually releasing a special Japanese edition of Dansu EP in collaboration with Nariaki Obukuro and TOKA. Returning to Belgium with fresh ideas, Aili spent months working on their highly anticipated debut album, "Nandakke?" Released on 23 February 2024 on Eskimo Recordings, the album covers diverse themes, ranging from the Japanese fashion relationship to Aili's father's takoyaki recipe, offering a unique blend of surreal electro-pop, joyful electronica, house music, and beyond, showcasing Aili's distinctive style.