• Main Stage
    Thursday 11•July•2024

Aki is an emerging jazz collective under the leadership of drummer Anke Verslype. The core of the group includes guitarist Willem Heylen, bassist Ruben De Maesschalck and harpist Marjolein Vernimmen. They create atmospheric jazz on a basis of uncomplicated, understated melodies, the boundaries of which are firmly pushed during the improvisations.

Aki has already made an impression with two previous EPs, "Warme Dagen" and "Niobe". In autumn 2022, they surprised the public when they debuted their first full album, called "Nader”, which was released on the WERF label. The album included a captivating collaboration with Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet, who added a new dimension to the sound.

For their latest album and upcoming tour, aki has once again joined hands with Joachim Badenhorst and also added Niels Van Heertum (euphonium) as a guest. This expansion enriches the colour palette of their music and showcases a new depth. Together they create a unique sound which takes listeners on a journey of warmth and melancholy, somewhere between film-type landscapes, jazz and minimalism.

What is notable for their performance at Gent Jazz, is their collaboration with animation artist Ezra Belgrado. Based on the music, Belgrado adds animations which are projected behind the musicians during the concert, adding a captivating visual dimension to the musical experience.