• Main Stage
    Friday 12•July•2024

'I’ve been focused on who I am in my music but now I’m exploring where I am. I’m asking: how did I get here?’ The words of Alfa Mist. The 'now’ that he is referring to is the release of his fifth album ('Variables’) last year. This record encompasses sumptuous big-band swing, boom-bap rhythms and melodies full of longing. It is an expansive sound, that is also soulful and poignant. It is the most complete work from his discography, combining his sharp ear for grooves and obvious piano talent with intuitive jazz improvisation.

So how did he get to where he is now? Since the release of his first EP (Nocturne) in 2015, Alfa has been a much sought-after producer and artist, praised for his individuality and focus. He has worked with artists such as Jordan Rakei and Tom Misch, created beats for rapper Loyle Carner, composed neo-classical works for the London Contemporary Orchestra and reworked tracks by Ólafur Arnalds for the leading Blue Note jazz label. He has simultaneously continued to develop his own sound. Début track 'Antiphon’ (2017) was streamed millions of times and this success flowed through into his subsequent record 'Structuralism’ (2019) and his ANTI-début 'Bring Backs’ (2021). With 'Variables’, a more up-tempo track than previous work, he is celebrating a return to the live circuit. 'It feels like I’m coming back to my early days of making grime beats and creating tracks that make me want to bop my head fast.’ Well, if that’s the case, let’s bop some heads.