ANOHNI and the Johnsons

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 6•July•2024


For the first time in a decade, ANOHNI presents a series of concerts withthe Johnsons, joinedby a nine musicians including Julia Kent (cello), Maxim Moston (violin), Doug Wieselman(multi-instrumentalist),Gael Rakotondrabe(piano), Leo Abrahams (guitarist) and JimmyHogarth (guitarist/producer). Responding to a time of upheaval, ANOHNI issues a challenge:"It’s Time to Feel What's Really Happening.”

Born in the UK and raised in Amsterdam and California, ANOHNI relocated toNYC in her lateteens, forming her groupthe Johnsons in 1998 and establishing a unique path as an artist witha focus on animist and eco-feminist themes. ANOHNI's musical journey has spanned genres-from electronic experimental to avant-classical, dance, and soul. Achieving breakthroughsuccess in 2005 with I Am a Bird Now (2005), she garnered the UK’s Mercury Award. Releasessince include The Crying Light (2009), Swanlights (2010), and live albums Cut The World (2012)and TURNING (2014). In 2016, she released the sharply political electronic album HOPELESSNESS, produced by Hudson Mohawke and Daniel Lopatin, noted as one of the year’stop ten albums by the NY Times. That same year, she was nominated for an Academy Award(best song) for the environmentalist elegy, Manta Ray, featured in the film Racing Extinction(dir. Louie Psihoyos, 2015).

ANOHNI's sixth studio album, My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross (2023), continues toexamine societal structures, spirituality, and our relationships with the biosphere. The recordwas named album of the year by The New Yorker.Politiken awarded it five hearts and called it"a delicate flame ignited by the soul music of the past," while GAFFA characterized it as "anotherworldly experience."The artist reaches forcourage, resilience, and ceremony in the face of an unprecedentedcontemporary landscape, and emphasizes, "For me, there’s no heavenly respite; Creation is aspectral and feminine continuum, and we remain an inalienable part of Nature.