Bill Frisell Trio

  • Main Stage
    Friday 5•July•2024

Bill Frisell is nothing less than a legend. Throughout his forty-year plus career, the guitarist has released some fifty-odd albums under his own name, contributed to over two hundred albums and built himself a reputation that stirs the imagination as he continues to influence artists of all ranks to this very day. The American is praised for his virtuosity, inventive arrangements and free style approach. It has made him a much-in-demand guitar player in genres far beyond the reaches of traditional jazz. Who else do you know has worked with avant-garde experimentalist John Zorn, classical minimalist Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as doom metal pioneers Earth? Add in influences ranging from country, Americana and rock’n’roll in his own body of work and you start to get an idea of what this man is capable of.


At Gent Jazz, Frisell will be supported by double bass player Thomas Morgan and drummer Rudy Royston. Known for his extraordinary feel for melody and rhythm, Morgan is the perfect foil for Frisell’s inventive guitar style, whereas Royston’s finesse adds an extra dimension, effortlessly shepherding the trio as they switch styles. More than anything else, it is all about the music for these three talented musos. There is no room for ego, with the groove alone leading the way as they explore the furthest reaches of jazz.



  • Bill Frisell - guitar
  • Thomas Morgan - double bass
  • Rudy Royston - drums

Tickets from 49 euros