• Main Stage
    Sunday 14•July•2024

Cuban artist Cimafunk is nothing less than a phenomenon. In 2018, he put out a single entitled 'Me Voy’ and - so legend has it - the entire island went berserk. Cimafunk sets out from Cuban rhythms and traditions, adds Afro-American flavours and in doing so comes up with a modern take on funk. His music contains tips of the hat to the 70s and 80s heyday, although Cimafunk adds in enough of his own identity to deliver a unique concoction that is not only a hit in his home country but in the US and Europe too. Even George Clinton - the funk grandmaster of Parliament and Funkadelic - is not just a fan; 'Cimafunk takes it back there while staying in the now. That's what we do, always reinventing Funk to keep it fresh.’ They have also collaborated on a song 'Funk Asperin’. Listen here. Other collabs: Lupe Fiasco and CeeLo Green, Ibrahim Malouf, Stylo G, Chucho Valdés, Tank & The Bangas, Big Frieda.... 


Yet, Cimafunk is about more than just irresistible groovy music. The name of his project is in reference to the 'cimarrón’, Cubans of African descent who rose up against slavery. Cimafunk’s music is also about rebelling against commonplace genre thinking or the conservative approach to music. His lyrics describe the everyday life of Cuban people, using clever metaphors and double entendres. Live too, he goes at it like a man possessed, as though every concert could be his last. In The New Yorker it even got him compared to none other than James Brown. Who are we to call this into question? Let’s go!