De Beren Gieren

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 20•July•2024

De Beren Gieren is a post-contemporary jazz trio in which minimalism and bursting energy go hand in hand. It may be no coincidence that this band is based in Belgium, the home ground of surrealism and techno. De Beren Gieren consists of musicians highly active in the European music scene, but it is within this band their versatility flow freely. Its music is multi-layered, improvised and visionary. Corresponding acts could be Visible Cloaks, Radiohead, Erik Satie and Jon Hassell. Well, expect at least Beren music. 

Pianist Fulco Ottervanger composes most of the tunes, shining a childlike clarity, yet without ever pointing to a specific genre. It challenges the band to conceive a never-heard combination of sounds and parts supporting those sing-along melodies, often resulting in cinematic structures with a kaleidoscopic quality

De Beren paved their own path since 2009. They started off as a quirky acoustic neder-jazz trio, naturally evolving to the subtle acoustic-electronic realm of their latest albums 'Dug Out Skyscrapers’ (2017), 'Less is Endless’ (2021) and the upcoming 'What Eludes Us’ (2024), for which they worked together with the Norwegian producer Jorgen Traen.


Band Line-up:

  • Piano: Fulco Ottervanger
  • Bass: Lieven Van Pée
  • Drums: Simon Segers