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  • Main Stage
    Thursday 6•July•2023


Ghent-based trio Dishwasher_ is proof positive that the never-ending flow of talent to emerge from the Belgian music scene is nowhere near drying up. Since deciding to take their music to a wider audience in 2019, it didn’t take long for them to start attracting attention courtesy of their experimental, genre-busting style. In 2022, they also caught the ear of the jury of Jong Jazztalent Gent - Gent Jazz’s very own talent competition -  and ended up winning the contest. This secured them a slot at Gent Jazz 2023 - even though the rave reviews they attract for their gigs at home and abroad earn them plenty of other credentials.

In April 2023, they are set to lend added weight to their solid live reputation with the release of their self-titled debut album. Even though the trio draws its musical influences from a surprisingly broad and enriching range of sources - incorporating influences from electronic and Middle Eastern music into their sound alongside metal and hip-hop - they perfectly lend themselves to being ranked as 'jazz’. If not by their output, then most certainly by the way in which they play, with plenty of room for improvisation and individual leeway. In doing so, Werend Van Den Bossche (saxophone, synths, effects), Louise van den Heuvel (bass) and Arno Grootaers (drums) rightly rely on their mutual synergy as they experiment to their hearts’ content with musical structures, textures and the boundaries of their instruments.