Early Life Forms

  • Garden Stage
    Saturday 20•July•2024

Brussels guitarist Vitja Pauwels has become a firm fixture on the Belgian jazz scene. He is inspired by masters such as Bill Frisell, Daniel Lanois and Ry Cooder and has already worked with Marc Ribot and Jakob Bro. As well as his solo work, Vitja earned his stripes with Bombataz, Naïma Joris, Warm Bad, Woolvs, … 

The album Early Life Forms - also the name of the band - is a live recording of a concert that Pauwels gave with his 'dream band’ comprising Frederik Leroux (guitar), Laurens Dierickx (Hammond organ) and Casper Van De Velde (drum) which was, in turn, the result of a collaboration with guitarist Marc Ribot (Vitja’s favourite guitarist). It is a live album recorded during the BRAND!Festival in 2022, along with the aforementioned guitar idol.

"With Early Life Forms, guitarist Vitja Pauwels released one of the best records of last year. [...] Wilde grooves, acoustic refinement, ribbons of film scores, the spirit of Ry Cooder and the Californian avant-garde of Latin Playboys; the new album from Brussels guitarist Vitja Pauwels has it all." - Bart Cornand, Focus Knack