Edmund November

  • Garden Stage
    Monday 8•July•2024

Edmund Lauret has been making an impression for over ten years now as the guitarist of Nordmann, Kosmo Sound and The Milk Factory, all established and genre defying explorers on the Belgian music scene. With these bands, he has played hundreds of stages both at home and abroad in recent years.

What few people know is that Edmund was born and raised in Newcastle, UK. His British origins may not immediately show in his band’s output, but he does return to his musical roots in his brand-new solo work.

Edmund learned the trade at a very young age in the pubs of Newcastle during countless jam sessions. At the age of eighteen, Edmund ended up in Ghent. He got to know it as a bustling city with a lively music scene. He started studying at the conservatory where he met the future members of Nordmann at (where else?) a jam session.

In April 2022, Edmund traveled to the south of England to record his debut with Michiel Lagae and a newly formed band with musical friends Stijn Engels (Stadlander, Renée), Trui Amerlinck (Tsar B, Nabou, Mayorga, Rosa Butsi) and Gert Malfliet (Tristan), who will also feature in the live band.