Eliades Ochoa

  • Main Stage
    Sunday 14•July•2024

Legendary Cuban singer, guitarist and songwriter Eliades Ochoa became world famous as one of the original members of Buena Vista Social Club - it’s his voice you hear on the iconic album opener 'Chan Chan’ on their 1997 release. In fact, he was one of Cuba’s most popular and most in demand guitarists way before the big time hit. In the wake of Buena Vista’s huge success, Ochoa released another nine albums, won four Latin Grammy Awards and was nominated for a Grammy on the strength of 'Afrocubism’, his 2010 album which saw him work with top-notch musicians from Mali to deliver an intriguing mixture of African and Cuban musical styles.


Last year, the Cuban put out 'Guajiro’. The album lives up to Ochoa’s reputation as one of the most vital Cuban artists of the past century. His iconic black outfit consisting of a cowboy hat and cowboy boots got him the nickname of the Cuban Johnny Cash, but 'Guajiro’ shows he has a distinct voice of his own, with a unique style and sound that is deeply rooted in Cuban tradition whilst also engendering ageless and universal appeal. The album is a collection of intimate and personal songs that cover Ochoa’s life story. This tribute to his own past is certain to tug at the heart strings of more than a few members of the audience at Gent Jazz.