Erik Truffaz

  • Main Stage
    Thursday 11•July•2024

What happens when an agog sixteen-year old French-Swiss trumpeter - who has been raised on music and who started playing in his father’s bands from the tender age of ten - gets to hear Miles Davis’ 'Kind of Blue’ for the first time? The answer is you know exactly what you want to do with your life right there and then. This is exactly what happened to Erik Truffaz, who is every bit as riveting as Davis himself as a trumpeter and composer. Truffaz certainly made a success of his professional career in music. After graduating from the Geneva conservatory, he racked up some initial experience as a band leader with his first band Orange. With Davis’ style as his touchstone, Truffaz became intrigued by the possibilities offered by hard-bop and folk influences from the Middle East and Africa. When Orange ceased to exist in the early 1990s, this marked the real start of Truffaz’s career.


By the late 1990s, his style had evolved into a kind of post-bop which, over the decades that followed, he went on to mix with electronica and hip-hop, as heard on his 1999 milestone album 'Bending New Corners’, rock ('Walk of the Giant Turtle’ - 2003), pop eighties soul and electronic jazz ('El Tiempo de la Revolución - 2012) and even drum’n’bass ('Revisité’ - 2001). In 2023 he released the 'Rollin’ and Clap!’ double album on the legendary Blue Note Records. The double album shows Truffaz tackle some of the stand-out soundtracks from the golden age of cinema in the multiplicity of his own style. Examples include music from Nino Rota, Michel Magne, Ennio Morricone and Alain Romans. He will be presenting this project live at Gent Jazz. Camera, lights, action!