• Garden Stage
    Sunday 14•July•2024

FC Atlaska plays rhythmic, cinematic road trip music. If the Flemish Ardennes were a little closer to the equator, these Ghent-Gavre exotics would write the appropriate soundtrack for it.

For their debut EP Rhythms from the Scheldt Valley, the band collaborated with Jasper Segers, producer and musician with Sylvie Kreusch, among others. I See You Turn East is the first single, stemming from a shared love of sixties rock jangle and meditative string sounds. Two Moons Away is a dreamy and cosmic trip with distant echoes of Pink Floyd or contemporary bands like Khruangbin.

FC Atlaska has previously been seen at Konvooi festival, Par Hasard (NTGent) and in music cafes such as Fatima, Giraf and Zappa. Their own favorite concert memory: opening for blues legend Roland Van Campenhout.

Emiel Willaert - guitar
Johannes Verhoene - cornet, percussion

Lukas De Block - bass guitar
Maarten Haesebeyt - drums, percussion