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  • Main Stage
    Tuesday 11•July•2023


27 years. This is how long producer and songwriter Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts have been paving their own path as Hooverphonic. Throughout their fruitful career, they have worked together with a lot of exceptionally talented singers. Yet, to a lot of fans thé Hooverphonic sound is inextricably associated with Geike Arnaert. Her unique and iconic vocals lifted Hooverphonic to unprecedented heights in the early 2000s. Which explains why the audience was over the moon when Geike announced she was returning to the band in the autumn of 2020. The 'Hidden Stories’ album released in 2021 confirmed that the golden threesome were still able to shine as brightly as ever before.

After landing a slot at the Eurovision Song Festival finals, Hooverphonic stormed up the charts again in no time. Their strength? A brilliant, instantly identifiable sound. Rooted in the nineties without ever sounding samey. A sound that blossomed into a warmer, more orchestral sound over the course of their career. At times dark and elusive, at others catchy and poppy. The understated trip-hop of the early days is still palpable, only nowadays it is wrapped in a soundtrack to a non-existing film. Add in a flawless live reputation and you are looking at one of Belgium’s most successful bands ever. 2023 will see the release of a brand new album that easily merits being labelled a symbiosis of all the varied influences Hooverphonic have incorporated into their music over the years. Expect new compelling songs you can still dance to, which are certain to prove a seamless live fit with classics such as '2Wicky’, 'Eden’, 'Mad About You’ or 'Anger Never Dies’.