Jamie Cullum

  • Main Stage
    Monday 8•July•2024

Is there anyone out there who still needs an introduction to Jamie Cullum? Some twenty years ago, the Brit seemingly appeared out of nowhere as he instantly conquered the hearts of jazz and pop aficionados around the world. Which is exactly where Cullum’s greatest strength lies: in the early 2000s, his approach, which sees him revamp jazz standards with pop embellishments whilst lending hits by famous pop artists a quirky jazz vibe of his own, effortlessly drew fans of both genres closer. In addition, he also astounded audiences with his own songs, which not only show off his highly sophisticated musicality but also have smart tongue in cheek lyrics.


That’s without even mentioning his high-energy live performances… Those who were there will not forget his last appearance at Gent Jazz 2019 in a hurry. A consummate frontman, he seamlessly shepherds his talented musicians along the boundaries of jazz, pop, soul and swing from behind - as well as on - his piano. Whether he is playing Gent Jazz, Montreux or Glastonbury, or working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock or St Vincent… It makes no difference to the Brit. He adapts, being the insanely talented chameleon that he is. And his in-between song banter and bravura always strike the right chord! One thing is for certain; Jamie Cullum stirs everyone’s heart. Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself at Gent Jazz 2024.

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