• Garden Stage
    Wednesday 10•July•2024

Two years after "Trail" and a fifty-date European tour, Belgian band Kowari is back with a new album in 2024. With this second album, Damien Chierici (violin, programming) and Louan Kempenaers (piano, programming) create a modern electronica ode to travelling and letting go. Downtempo and essentially instrumental on "Trail", Kowari's universe is enriched here by epic backing vocals, hypnotic organic drums, intoxicating loops and stronger electro beats. "The Kowari DNA we imprinted on 'Trail' is still there," explain Damien and Louan. The piano, the violin, the search for melodic power in the compositions, the drive of the loops, the soothing moments that herald flights that are more evocative of cinema... But there was also a desire to add organic warmth and go even further in the use of electro elements. "In concerts, people cry on some tracks and dance on others. That's exactly what we're looking for."