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Lakecia Benjamin

  • Main Stage
    Friday 14•July•2023


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When Lakecia Benjamin released her debut album 'Retox’ in 2012, the consensus in the world of jazz marked it out as a masterpiece of a promising jazz talent. Nonetheless, we had to wait another six years before she released her sophomore album 'Rise Up’. In the meantime, she toured the world and added collaborations with artists such as Gregory Porter, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, The Roots and Santigold to her name. Lakecia Benjamin is here to stay and was soon widely considered to be an established name in the world of jazz.

In 2020, she released 'Pursuance’, a record which was heralded as a 'chef d'oeuvre’ by various media. A release that saw her pay tribute to the greats who fuelled her love of jazz in her younger years. This dynamic is continued on 'Phoenix’, which came out earlier this year. Her latest album is not only a paean to heroes such as artist Basquiat, jazz legend John Coltrane or Wayne Shorter - her personal favourite who passed away earlier this year -, it also shows her work with artists such as Angela Davis, Dianne Reeves and Sonia Sanchez. 'Phoenix’ has turned out to be a highly personal album, written during the pandemic, born out of the feeling that - like the phoenix - we too will rise from the ashes. There is no doubt that, on the live stage too, she will deliver unforgettable moments when she plays Gent Jazz this summer.