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  • Main Stage
    Saturday 8•July•2023


Sometimes you discover a new artist you just fall in love with at first hearing. This will be happening to you when you listen to the music of half-Icelandic, half-Chinese Laufey. At only twenty-three, the multi-instrumentalist and singer became fascinated at a very young age by her mother’s violin playing, before learning how to play cello and piano only to be truly blown away when she came across Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday in her dad’s record collection. She discovered her voice and, at age fifteen, performed on the big stage with her warm alto on the Icelandic version of The Voice.

Yet, Laufey never pursued a pure pop career. By then, she knew exactly what she wanted: to break down the barriers between highbrow genres and pop by delivering a blend of jazz, pop and classical music that connects fans from all generations. She was able to make this vision turn to reality when she enrolled at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Her first single released under her own name, 'Street by Street’ - a dreamy, minimalist song - not only attracted a lot of favour among fans and critics but also touched a soft spot in global superstar Billie Eilish, just to name someone off the top of our heads. Since then, Laufey has released 'Everything I Know About Love’, her debut album packed with songs of wistful wonderment that breathe the spirit of Chet Baker and - obviously - Billie Holiday. On 'What Love Will Do’, she is heard singing "There’s enchantment in the air”. Which also happens to be the weather forecast for the eighth of July at Gent Jazz.