Laughing Bastards

  • Garden Stage
    Thursday 11•July•2024

Laughing Bastards is the love-child of the numerous, turbulent and illegitimate affairs which jazz has had with all music. Bastard music as the manifesto, the lyrical as the common denominator, the inherent interplay as the starting point. Laughing Bastards is the alchemy of the youngest generation from the flourishing Gent jazz and improv scene and an experience of and hunger for innovation from a genuine old-timer.

From the beginning, the group has drawn eagerly from the fascinating music of Jimmy Giuffre, with a first album in trio "drumless, yet soulful" in 2012. This offered a tight, lyrical sound and was well-received by the public and the media alike.  In 2014, "Old Masterplans” with Lander Gyselinck was recorded in a foursome. In 2019, there was a third album, in quintet, entitled "UNANIMAL”.

With even more original work.

Thanks to the years-long collaboration, the five members were able to provide original compositions for this. Adaptations of underrated masters by Carla Bley and John Luriea, among others, also find a natural habitat.

In April 2024, "FETISH", the 4th album in co-production was released on the prestigious labels W.E.R.F. Records (vinyl) and BMC Records, Budapest (CD and online).


  • Jan-Sebastiaan Degeyter, guitar
  • Michel Mast, tenor sax
  • Eline Duerinck, cello
  • Cyrille Obermüller, double bass
  • Marcos Della Rocha, drums