• Main Stage
    Wednesday 17•July•2024

María Luz Casal Paz has been a stalwart and an indisputable name of reference in the Spanish - and by extension, European - music world for donkey’s years. Her career got under way in the 1980s. After relocating to Madrid to build a life for herself in music, the singer hit the ground running with her very first single, 'El Ascensor'. The song kick-started a roller coaster ride that has not stopped since. Her fame waxed album after album. She finally broke big with 'V’ (1989). By now, she has seventeen records to her name that have sold millions. After Spain, countries like France, Germany, Belgium, all of Latin America, etc. all followed suit. In 1989, she was invited to a high-profile human rights benefit festival in Chile where she performed alongside the likes of Sting and U2. Famous Spanish film director Almodovar used her music in his 'High Heels’ movie. The highs of her extremely successful career make up a seemingly endless list.


After years’ absence from the public eye, last year she released 'Las Ventanas de Mi Alma’, the most personal and autobiographical album in her long-standing career. As passionate as ever, Luz explores new sounds on the new record in order to come up with something that is every bit as exciting as anything she has produced over the last four decades. Each song sees her reach out to listeners, expel her own demons - and those of others in one fell swoop - to allow hope to vanquish. Warm, furious, always eclectic, intimate and reflective. Luz pulls out all the stops. On the live stage, she is set to seamlessly combine new gems with a wide number of hits from her long-standing career. Vámonos!