Marco Mezquida Trio

  • Main Stage
    Friday 5•July•2024

In 2022, Catalan pianist Marco Mezquida delivered a lovely album in 'Letters To Milos’ containing music he wrote during the first year of his son’s life. Describing the album as "a sincere testimony to my artistic identity”, the record covers all musical styles Mezquida loves and experimented with. Continuing to plough the same furrow heard on his earlier celebrated work such as 'Los Sueños de Ravel’ ('Ravel’s Dreams’ - 2017), the Catalan manages to coalesce a profusion of influences and genres into an experimental and inspiring mix that is all his own, in which Brahms’ romanticism, Jarrett’s virtuosity and Bley’s unboundedness go hand in hand. The upshot is a playful, multifarious love letter to his son and to music.


In order to bring this love letter to life, he calls on the services of percussionist Aleix Tobias and cello-player Martín Meléndez. Having worked together since 2017 on three albums and having played over 500 gigs, they are now a tightly knit trio. 'Letters To Milos’ sees them jointly explore typically Iberian musical styles such as ajechao, sorteao and corrido maragato but they draw every bit on progressive pop, free jazz, groove and samba. There is even the odd knowing wink to famous jazz standards. But above all else, it is the love of music that jumps out, both on record and on the live stage, courtesy of the unique, joyful voice Mezquida found for himself. "An experience not to be missed”, says every critic who has ever witnessed the Catalan play live!