mòs ensemble

  • Garden Stage
    Friday 5•July•2024

There are eight of them in the Mòs Ensemble; Astrid Creve (singer & mandolin), Marta Del Grandi (singer), Roos Denayer (singer & guitar), Ambroos Deschepper (sax, percussion and synth), Benjamin Hermans (sax, clarinet & synth), Artan Buleshkaj (guitar), Kobe Boon (double bass & bass guitar) and Simon Raman (drums). Since their début in 2019, they have expanded to become an octet that is driven by a collective vision with a penchant for the boundaries between genres where sumptuous arrangements of voices and instruments can be perfectly showcased. This versatility stems from the fact that the individuals are all active in an impressive number of projects within jazz, pop and much further afield, combined with a passion for adventure and interaction.


On their third album 'Pets & Therapy’, which was released in March 2024 on W.E.R.F. Records, the collective demonstrated that they are definitely not resting on their laurels. They continue to add new sounds and develop robust formats. They do not join in with the delusion of the moment but give in to the urge that drives them all. The album, more than its predecessors 'Limbs’ (2019) and 'Behind The Marble’ (2022), is compact and pliable, elaborate and ingenious. The vocal arrangements of Denayer, Creve and Del Grandi weave their voices into a mini-choir, a three-headed siren ensemble. The musicians contrast fragile introspection with exploration and exuberance. Labels no longer matter. Mòs Ensemble is a band that effortlessly slaloms between greedy energy and sumptuous drama, dreamy fragility and punky power, melancholy and euphoria.