Nicolas Mortelmans Quartet

  • Garden Stage
    Sunday 14•July•2024

On April 12, 2024, Nicolas Mortelmans releases his highly anticipated debut album MĀYĀ on WERF Records! The common thread throughout the album is the sitar, an instrument he learned the traditional way from various sitar masters in India. Since 2017, he has been trained by the world-renowned Anoushka Shankar. In each song, he tries to approach this unique instrument in a different way. With this album, he builds a bridge between his love for Indian music and his roots in Western genres such as electronic, jazz and rock music. The album features a lot of guest musicians from abroad such as Ravichandra Kulur from India (a.o. Anoushka/Ravi Shankar, John McLaughlin, Aka Moon,...), Benny Bettane from Australia (handpan) and also Belgian friends such as Roland van Campenhout, Tim van Hamel, Stef Kamil Carlens and Simon Segers.

Nicolas will present the album live with a quartet of fantastic musicians also featured on the album:

  • Tarang Poddar (tabla/India)
  • Jonas Meersmans (electric guitar/BE) Greet Meert (tanpura/BE)
  • Nicolas Mortelmans (electric sitar/BE)