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Nils Frahm

  • Main Stage
    Thursday 13•July•2023


The road followed by German composer Nils Frahm is most definitely the one less travelled. As a classically trained pianist, he ended up in Berlin where he stumbled across electronic music. He fell in love with the wide number of sub-genres and decided to meld his neo-classical piano compositions with deep bass grooves, wavy arpeggios and pulsing synths. Out of the gate, this unique combination made a big splash with albums such as 'Felt’ (2011) and 'Spaces’ (2013) finding favour among both classical music and electronic music lovers. Frahm found himself within a rather unique selling proposition, to put it in marketing terms. His inventive approach also struck his fellow musicians: Woodkid, Ólafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick were all asking Frahm to work with them.

'All Melody’ signalled the breakthrough to wider audiences and resulted in a two-year tour that included over 180 sold-out concerts across the globe in some of the grandest venues (including Sydney Opera House) and the wildest electronic dance festivals. That same year, he played the AB and OLT in Belgium - two unforgettable concerts. Since then, the engine has not stalled with Frahm managing to touch the hearts of new and old fans alike, night after night, with compositions that are at times meandering and at others danceable, but always wonderfully beautiful. He won’t stop until everyone has seen him on a live stage. A goal which Gent Jazz is happy to help him achieve.