• Garden Stage
    Friday 5•July•2024

Bert Dockx… Which genre has the multi-talented musical all-rounder not yet touched on? There has been psychedelic rock (Flying Horseman), Dutch-language tracks (Strand), pop-covers under his own name and, of course, alternative jazz with Dans Dans. When Jazz Lab asked him to headline their 25th anniversary celebration in 2018, the Antwerp guitarist/front-man added Ottla. This supposedly one-off 'collab’ with five other musicians ultimately led to a fantastic self-titled album with long, atmospheric and sultry compositions such as 'Spinrag’ and 'Stofwolk’. In 2021, with the same group, he created a soundtrack crammed with lyrical guitars, improvised clarinet solos and a sometimes cool and then warm, dark rhythm section for the monologue 'Kroniek van het Vuur’ by Josse De Pauw. Ottla has long since ceased to be a one-hit wonder!


His sun burns bright on the new album 'Vogel’, released this year. The 'one-hit wonder’ has been transformed into a stunning, full-blown artist who flutters and tumbles through jazz-improv-electro-noise-prog-afro-blues-groove-punk-krautrock. Ottla has now become a foursome without compromising on musical strength. Dockx holds a dialogue with multi-instrumentalist Thomas Jillings, who is let loose on synthesisers as well as saxophone and clarinet, while the rhythm section, with bassist Gerben Brijs and drummer Louis Evrard, provide tension and rumblings in an avalanche of effects. The result is new music full of exciting tangents and songs that will undoubtedly be transformed live by the spontaneity which accompanied the artists’ first encounters. The genie is certainly out of the bottle.