Patrick Bruel

  • Main Stage
    Wednesday 17•July•2024

Gent Jazz goes French with Patrick Bruel! In addition to playing France’s biggest stadiums and celebrated international festivals, the French legend - famous for hits such as 'Place des grands hommes’ and 'Casser la voix’ - will be showcasing his latest album at the Bijloke site. Something we owe to that other French chansonnier Michel Sardou. The fact is that, as a child, Bruel wanted to be a footballer. Seeing Sardou on stage at l’Olympia in Paris however, left Bruel so impressed with the impact the singer had on his audience, that it set him off dreaming of a musical career of his own. His big break came in 1992 with the 'Alors Regarde’ album. Throughout the 1990s, young Bruel built up a fanbase among the young and the old with his romantic pop songs. His fame easily spread beyond France, as his songs also touched a soft spot in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Thirty plus years of touring have not diminished the potency of his winning formula. His last tour saw Bruel draw over a million concert goers, with his latest album selling like the proverbial hot cakes. The fact that the singer has also managed to find the time to build a wonderful career in movies and the theatre, support charitable causes and become a political activist, speaks volumes of the man’s drive and unrelenting motivation. He will be giving heart and soul, that much we can assure you.

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