Potter / Mehldau / Patitucci / Blake

  • Main Stage
    Thursday 11•July•2024

March 2024 will see the release of an album entitled 'Eagle’s Point’, which we believe already has a rightful claim to the title of 'Best jazz album of 2024’. The record features fêted saxophonist Chris Potter - famed for his boundless creativity, technicity and immaculate sense of swing - playing with Brad Mehldau - described by The New York Times as "the most influential pianist of the past twenty years” - and bassist John Patitucci - four-time Grammy winner with a thirty-year track record. At Gent Jazz, they will be joined by drummer Johnathan Blake - whom NPR paints as "the ultimate modernist”. With credentials ranging from Pharoah Sanders and Wayne Shorter across Sting, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock all the way up to Pat Metheny and Avishai Cohen, playing together, these four virtuosos cover just about every style under the sun.


The upshot of their collaboration is a collection of compositions that are as refreshing as they are characterful, guided by the principles of creativity and virtuosity. The foursome’s intense improvisations are testament to their mutual respect and their respect for the music, without descending into a string of mundane pats on the shoulder. Fans of the discographies of the individual musicians are certain to delight in this new source of music. How will this translate live? Into splashing flows of genius!



  • Chris Potter - saxophone
  • Brad Mehldau - piano
  • John Patitucci - bass
  • Johnathan Blake - drums

Tickets from 29 euros