Reinel Bakole

  • Garden Stage
    Saturday 13•July•2024

The multi-talented artist Reinel Bakole is very up and very coming. And that should come as no surprise. Originating in the Belgian Congo, Reinel was raised within a highly artistic family, as a child dreamt of becoming a pop star à la Michael Jackson and Britney Spears under the motto 'I can sing, I can dance, I can dress’, felt entirely connected with music but, as she reached her twenties, decided to immerse herself in dance. To this end, the studied in Amsterdam but, once there, her love of music emerged once more. She returned to Brussels with a début-EP ('A Gal on the Moon’) in the bag. Bakole dived into the rich scenes in the capital city and developed into an artist who uses every aspect of her identity to create art which transcends boundaries and conventions.

Now, with the release of her début album 'Healing Exhaustion’, Bakole has been described as the rising star of the Belgian avant-garde soul scene. 'Her début album exudes a passionate, experimental sense which harks back to Bakole’s arty era. Reference points? The sultry nineties soul of Erykah Badu is not far off. Or the global cocktail prepared by Zap Mama, perhaps. She swirls from brash fusion, through afrobeat, onto rarefied electronica,’ writes De Morgen in a four-star review. Bakole was also selected as one of the finalists for 'De Nieuwe Lichting’ by Studio Brussel. As a result of her broad interest (and talent) in various art forms, her live performances are also much-praised. In these, Bakole leads the audience to an enchanting, multidisciplinary musical universe where creative boundaries are there to be pushed back.