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Sleam Tomo

  • Garden Stage
    Tuesday 11•July•2023

Google 'Sleam Tomo’' and you'll find... Nothing. Quite logical, since this is a brand new project by drummer Thijs van Scharen and producer / sound nerd Arne Nuyts. It is highly likely that they got to know each other at KASK - will our pressing uncertainties ever be confirmed? - but what’s certain is that they already worked together before in the trio echofarmer. And Nuyts also proved his worth with Vanessa - a trio that caused quite some fuss in the underground scene at the turn of the decade.

With Sleam Tomo, each live set starts from total improvisation, questioning the relationship between man and computer. Sharing a deep passion for 'sound' in all its forms, the duo communicates on stage using live samples and acoustic interventions that draw the audience into a sonic symbiosis. One for the curious explorers!

This concert is a collaboration between Gent Jazz and the Jazz, Pop and Music Production courses of KASK & Conservatory of Music (HOGENT - Howest).