Sofiane Pamart

  • Main Stage
    Wednesday 10•July•2024

'France’s rebel pianist’ is how Sofiane Pamart is usually described. Admittedly, just one look at the pianist’s career is enough to get why the title is befitting of the man. Alongside his own neo-classical piano compositions, he has also been involved in a wide number of collaborative efforts, like the one with Arno (on Vivre) and with rap artists from France (and Belgium), such as Scylla and Koba LaD. To your average punter, these worlds are miles apart. To Pamart, it is logic itself. Growing up in the suburbs of Lille, his mum found he was musically gifted. In hopes of Sofiane enjoying a better life, she enrolled him at the local conservatory. Which meant that, even from an early age, Pamart found himself between two worlds: the streets and hip-hop and the strictures of the conservatory. The wide number of collaborative projects with rap artists he has been involved with has enabled him to reach a young and wide audience with his music - which is pretty unique.


He graduated from Lille conservatory with magna cum laude, moved to Paris and broke big in 2019 with his 'Planet’ album. Much like 'Planet’, his latest baby 'Noche’ (2023) lends expression to his wanderlust. This album sees him explore Latin nights where his trademark arpeggios resound: tender, compelling and evocative, with the focus on sensuality, the contrast between day and night, death and language. All of which is to be served on a bed of hip and cool at Gent Jazz. During the quiet moments, you will be able to hear a pin drop at the Bijloke site.