Theo Croker

  • Main Stage
    Saturday 20•July•2024

Theo Croker's musical journey has been nothing less than amazing. After a seven-year adventure in Shanghai, he crashed the music scene with his shimmering, original sound which could be heard on the album "Afro Physicist” from 2014, with the unrivalled Dee Dee Bridgewater. The success of his subsequent releases, "Escape Velocity" in 2016 and "Star People Nation" in 2019, took him to new heights and also delivered a nomination for "Best Contemporary Instrumental Album" during the 62nd Grammy®️ Awards.

Both critics and fans compliment Croker’s capacity to blend genres effortlessly, with The New York Times describing his 7th album 'LOVE QUANTUM' as "an album that gallivants from swirling, left-field hip-hop beats to propellant swing to entrancing passages of African percussion. Through it all, Croker’s understated trumpet playing holds his small band together with swagger and poise.”

As well as his own projects, Croker has worked with top artists and his unique sound has contributed to platinum selling albums by J. Cole and Ari Lennox, among others.

While the world struggled with the challenges of a global pandemic, Crocker found comfort in his parental home, where he worked on his long-awaited sixth album which was released in autumn 2021 on the Sony Music Masterworks label. In 2022 he released his 7th studio album 'LOVE QUANTUM' and in 2023 he made the EP 'By The Way'  featuring Ego Ella May and D'LEAU.