Toon Putteman Trio

  • Garden Stage
    Saturday 13•July•2024

Toon Putteman believes that the best music is made in the moment of complete surrender. To achieve this state, a group must offer a cast-iron sense of trust and curiosity. To this end, he sought out musicians who had spent endless hours in rehearsal rooms, with their passion for improvisation and a unique vision. He found what he needed in Thibaut Deryckere (piano) and Toon Rumen (double bass). Toon Rumen is completing his last year at the Royal Conservatory Antwerp (KCA), where he has studied under Nicolas Thys and Nathan Wouters. Thibaut Deryckere has already graduated in Jazz-piano and is now completing the Live-electronics course at the KCA.

Toon is currently working on his Master’s degree at KASK and the Conservatory in Ghent. He is doing so under the wings of tutors Toon van Dionant, Toni Vitacolonna and Lander Gyselinck. Encouraged by his current tutor, Lander Gyselinck, Toon writes compositions which reconcile contemporary jazz, free improvisation and, here and there, a hint of electronica. Every composition is approached as an empty canvas. In this context, there is a quest to find the boundaries of creativity, the musical framework, the physical possibilities, the ears of the musician, and the ears of the audience.

Expect an adventurous concert during which three young musicians, connected by their love of jazz, use instruments to communicate, improvise and create.