Unfinished Business

  • Garden Stage
    Monday 8•July•2024

Unfinished Business encompasses five animated musicians who met one another in the corridors of the Antwerp Conservatory and, since then, have been making a notable impact in the sonorous landscape in and around the city. 

Their dynamic repertoire cannot be summed up easily. Grafted onto jazz, with influences from rock, funk, fusion and a firm foothold in Hard Bop, they create a sound in which echoes of the classics merge with the newness of their futuristic music; tangible as soon as you hear it, their business is certainly unfinished! 

The schematically structured grids of their compositions offer space for improvisation that allows the mix of genres and style influences to stay fresh, crisp and full of life. By also breathing new life into the music, this collective has cultivated a Hive Mind. Their flowing tonality creates uncrystallised, liquid honey. You’ll not find anything sweeter.